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She began her first steps with flamenco in Mexico City with renowned people at the academy of Verónica Aguirre, Cristina Aguirre and at the University with Erika Suárez. She continues his studies at the Dantza Academy with Karla Guzmán, Armando Tovar and Ricardo Osorio. Did courses with Manuel Reyes, Joaquín Ruiz, Cristóbal Reyes, Edu Lozano, El Junco and Sebastián Sánchez. She also attends the Ibérica Contemporánea festival in the city of Querétaro, one of the most important flamenco festivals in Mexico, learning from teachers such as Mariano Bernal, Juan Paredes, Olga Marcioni "La China", Adrián Galia, among others.


She traveled to Spain to immerse herself completely in flamenco dancing, taking classes in Madrid, at the renowned school "Amor de Dios" with Manuel Reyes, Antonio Reyes and Belén Fernández and concert castanets with Teresa Laiz. Attends the Festival de Jerez 2013 taking course with Rafaela Carrasco and classes of Buleria with Manuela Carpio and Ana María López. Later she settled in Seville, where she continued to grow with teachers such as Úrsula López, Támara López, Rosario Toledo, Manuel Betanzos, Adela Campallo, Rafael Campallo, Torombo, Ángel Atienza, Juan Paredes, Juan de los Reyes, Luisa Palicio, Juana Amaya, Alicia Márquez, Carmen Ledesma, Patricia Guerrero, Patricia Lozano, Rosi Navarro, Ángel Fariña, among others.


During her stay in Seville she performed several performances in various stages of the Andalusian capital, such as the Theater of the Maestranza, Municipal Theater of the Palaces and Villafranca, Amphitheater of Isla Mágica, Hotel Alfonso XIII and as a soloist in the tablaos El Café de Arte, Flamenqueria , The Black Box, Sala Garufa, Pop Lady. In Jerez de la Frontera performed in Tabanco Cruz Vieja and in Ronda in the tablao El Quinque. In Mexico DF, in places like the Interlomas Park Theater, El Mareta, Tea Leaves, Flamenco Taurus, Film Café Forum, among others.


She also participated in different festivals in Colombia and taught classes and workshops in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Colombia. At the moment she continues acting and attending festivals and private events and she works as teacher and choreographer of dance for groups and / or individuals of individual levels and age range. She has knowledge in complements used in flamenco dance like tail robe, shawl, fan and castanets.


Bata de Cola, Spanish Dancer


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